Greater Sydney Parklands

A city-wide voice for public green space and parks, Greater Sydney Parklands Trust brings together some of Sydney’s most iconic places: Centennial Parklands (including Moore Park and Queens Park), Western Sydney ParklandsParramatta Park and Wistaria GardensCallan Park and Fernhill Estate.

Combined, Greater Sydney Parklands Trust oversees more than 6,000 hectares of parklands across Sydney and hosts over 40 million visits each year.

A priority for Greater Sydney Parklands Trust is to champion the NSW Government’s 50-Year Vision for Greater Sydney’s Open Space and Parklands which aims to expand and improve public green space and parklands, and to reinforce Sydney’s global reputation as a ‘city within a park’. Greater Sydney Parklands Trust is committed to working in partnership with communities, state and federal government agencies, and local councils towards the Vision. 

Community trustee boards have been established as one form of engaging with local communities on the future of Greater Sydney Parklands’ iconic parks. The community trustee boards will play a key advisory role representing a broad range of community interests and local perspectives on park stewardship, activities and usage, plus environmental, heritage and cultural issues. The Greater Sydney Parklands Trust Board will consider the views of the community trustee boards, meaning they will have a direct impact on how our parks operate.

Under the Greater Sydney Parklands Trust Act 2022, each individual park trust remains in place, along with related legislation, heritage listings and plans of management. These are overseen by a consolidated board and managed by experienced and dedicated staff. The combined expertise of these public parklands professionals has enabled Greater Sydney Parklands Trust to deliver a number of key milestones since its inception in October 2020.

Greater Sydney Parklands is committed to working towards reconciliation with our Traditional Custodians and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities on and with Country, and to share this reconciliation journey with all our park communities across Greater Sydney.

Greater Sydney Parklands entrance to Callan Park

Callan Park

Callan Park is 61 hectares of parkland located on Gadigal Wangal Country in Sydney’s Inner West on the foreshore of the Parramatta River. Callan Park is cherished for its rich architectural heritage, sports fields and scenic waterfront walking track.

Greater Sydney Parklands Centennial Park aerial view

Centennial Parklands

Centennial Parklands is one of the world's leading public parklands, located on Gadigal land, close to Sydney’s CBD. Comprising of Centennial Park, Moore Park and Queens Park – the parklands offer picturesque gardens, diverse wildlife, recreational facilities, sports fields, walking and cycling paths and more.

Greater Sydney Parklands Fernhill

Fernhill Estate

Fernhill Estate is located in the scenic Mulgoa Valley on Darug Country at the edge of the Cumberland Plain. This beautiful historic estate features pays homage to the Georgian architectural era complemented by incredible Paul Sorenson Gardens.

Greater Sydney Parklands Parramatta Park

Parramatta Park and Wistaria Gardens

World Heritage-listed Parramatta Park, located on Darug Country, is 85 hectares of green space for the growing city of Parramatta. The park offers a rich history, cultural heritage and natural beauty with diverse activities and attractions including The Dairy Cottage and the celebrated Wistaria Gardens.

Greater Sydney Parklands Western Sydney Parklands

Western Sydney Parklands

Western Sydney Parklands is located on Darug Country and is Australia’s largest urban park. Known as ‘Sydney’s Biggest Backyard’ there’s over 5, 280 hectares to explore featuring more than 60 kilometres of tracks and trails (including Wylde BMX and Mountain Bike hub), 1000 hectare bushland corridor, playgrounds, picnic and barbeque facilities, urban farms, and other major attractions.


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The 50 Year Vision for Sydney's Open Space and Parklands

In July 2020, the NSW Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, The Honourable Rob Stokes announced the draft 50-Year Vision, which kickstarted a community conversation about how our open and public spaces grow with us. Thank you to everyone who shared ideas on the draft vision in August and September 2020 to inform the final 50-Year Vision published in May 2021.

Greater Sydney Parklands Trust Board

A consolidated board has been appointed that includes representation from Western Sydney Parklands Trust, Parramatta Park Trust, and Centennial Parklands and Moore Park Trust.

Key milestones

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Community conversations

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