Supporting Aboriginal people at Transport

We want more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to join us and become part of our community.

We’re fostering a workplace where Aboriginal people feel welcomed, included and supported to contribute to our organisation and grow their careers. 

Our plans include increasing Aboriginal employment across our workforce, and embedding fairness, flexibility and ongoing career development for Aboriginal people at Transport. 

Our reconciliation commitment

Transport has a responsibility to help ensure equal opportunity and outcomes for all, and reconciliation starts with acknowledging past injustices and ongoing inequalities.

Learn more about reconciliation at Transport: Future Transport: Reconciliation at Transport for NSW


Increasing Aboriginal representation

We’re working towards increasing Aboriginal representation across all areas and experience levels at Transport. 

Transport currently employs 778 Aboriginal people, representing 2.7 per cent of our overall workforce (based on voluntarily declared identity data as at October 2022). 

Our goal is to increase the number of Aboriginal people in senior leadership roles and achieve or exceed a minimum of 3 per cent representation of Transport’s overall workforce by 2025. 

We work hard to recruit in an inclusive way for all jobs at Transport and recognise that many people and groups face additional barriers when applying and navigating the recruitment process. 

Our commitment to our goals is supported by Transport’s Aboriginal Employment Strategy and Stretch RAP, as well as a range of recruitment programs, initiatives and support services outlined below. 

Targeted and identified recruitment

We strongly encourage Aboriginal people to apply for all advertised jobs. The Aboriginal Employment Unit and Talent teams are available to provide extra support across all parts of the recruitment process.

Additionally, some of the roles we advertise use Aboriginal-targeted and identified recruitment methods to further increase the number of Aboriginal people that apply.  

Aboriginal-identified roles involve the development and delivery of services and programs which impact or require liaison with Aboriginal people and communities. Applicants must identify as Aboriginal to be eligible to apply. 

Aboriginal-targeted recruitment processes aim to prioritise and encourage applications from Aboriginal candidates. However, it is not essential that applicants must identify as Aboriginal to be eligible to apply. 

Aboriginal Employment Unit

Transport’s Aboriginal Employment Unit (AEU) is run by a dedicated team of Aboriginal employees. 

Our team supports Aboriginal people working at Transport and those considering joining a job with us. 

Some of our services include:  

  • Job search and application support
  • Drop-in sessions all over NSW to learn more about employment opportunities with Transport
  • Ongoing professional support, mentoring and advice

To have a yarn with someone from the AEU team, email: 


Entry level programs

Aboriginal Vocational Education and Training (VET) Cadet Program

This two-year program is an opportunity for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander candidates to work and study simultaneously.  

Alongside your fellow VET Cadets, you’ll study for a Certificate IV qualification in Business, Project Management or IT with a nationally accredited training organisation with all course fees covered by Transport. You’ll also work directly with a Transport team in an area relating to your studies and get real-world experience across a range of work tasks and projects, with built-in study time to help you balance work with your study commitments. 

Upon completion, you’ll also have the opportunity to transition to Transport’s other career accelerator programs as a Scholar or Graduate and get support from Transport’s Employment Unit in securing ongoing, permanent jobs with Transport.

Case study: Meet one of our VET Cadet Program graduates

Aboriginal HSC Scholarship Program

This is a one-year or two-year program for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander candidates entering either Year 11 or Year 12. 

Our Aboriginal HSC Scholarship Program offers two weeks of structured work experience each year and a $2,500  reimbursement for educational items.

Professional networks and career development programs

Aboriginal Civil Construction Training

ACCT program is a two year program that seeks to provide training and employment pathways for young Aboriginal talent in civil construction.

This training program is available to aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander identified candidates interested in building a career in Civil Engineering industry while simultaneously completing an online Certificate IV in Civil Construction Design.

About the Aboriginal Civil Construction Training Program

The participants of this Aboriginal Civil Construction Training Program undertake training in 4 key engineering disciplines during their program:

  • Survey
  • Road Design
  • Laboratory and Pavements
  • Geotechnical engineering.

Trainees will work closely with engineers, scientists and project teams. With the diverse knowledge they gain, some have made their way to working in regional offices. Others have gone on to become project managers leading a group of engineers delivering road construction and maintenance projects.

All you need is determination, an interest in road construction and the willingness to continue enhancing your skills and knowledge through training.

What the program offers

  • Full-time work and salary while you study.
  • Tuition fees paid in full by Transport for NSW (TfNSW).
  • Study leave and exam leave.
  • On the job training with development opportunities through internal and external training courses.
  • Opportunity to learn 'hands-on' skills.
  • Nationally accepted lifetime qualification on successful completion.
  • Flexible work and study arrangements.
  • Opportunity to apply for a full-time position at Transport for NSW once you complete the program.


To apply for the program, you must have:

  • completion of Year 12 (Higher School Certificate) or equivalent
  • good standards in mathematics and science subjects.

When considering applications, we look for:

  • motivated individuals
  • team players
  • people with good communication skills.

How to apply

Check for advertised positions in iworkfor.nsw website.

More information

For more information, please contact


Aboriginal Civil Construction Training - Traineeship Program Brochure (PDF, 1.71 MB)

Connecting Transport’s mob: Aboriginal Staff Forums

All Aboriginal employees can join Transport’s bi-annual Aboriginal staff forums. These forums are a place for Aboriginal employees to hear from guest speakers, build a community network and connect, share and learn in a culturally safe space. 

Transport Aboriginal community

Transport’s Aboriginal employees are welcome to join a dedicated employee network. The network is an ongoing way for Aboriginal employees to connect, get support and share knowledge and experiences outside of Aboriginal staff forums.

Aboriginal Career Development and Mentoring Program

The Aboriginal Career Development and Mentoring Program (ACDMP) is for aspiring Aboriginal leaders interested in mentorships with senior leaders across Transport. This program is one of the ways Transport is working towards extending the cultural knowledge of non-Aboriginal people at Transport. 

The program offers one-on-one support, career development and networking opportunities for mentees.

Aboriginal Career Leadership and Development Program

The Aboriginal Career Leadership and Development Program (ACLDP), developed by the Public Service Commission, prepares participants to transition to senior leadership roles. The program caters to different grades, with one steam dedicated to People Manager roles for Grades 7/8 – 9/10 and another Pathway to Senior Executive Stream for Grades 11/12.

The program strongly focuses on the intersection between Aboriginal leadership and Public Sector leadership and equips participants with the capabilities to be influential people managers and leaders via face-to-face workshops, online and digital bite- sized learning, interviews, personal reflection, and opportunities for cross-sector and cross-level collaboration.

To learn more: email the team or visit the ACLDP website

Emerging Indigenous Executive Leaders Program

Transport’s Emerging Indigenous Executive Leaders Program (ELELP) is run by Elevate RAP and the Australian Graduate School of Management and focuses on developing the next generation of Aboriginal business leaders. Participants work through learning modules across leadership skills, culture and identity, strategy and innovation, personal effectiveness, resilience and managing change, and communicating with influence.

More career programs

Careers For Women

At Transport, we’re offering talented women the chance to pursue exceptional careers with room to grow.

Entry Level Talent Programs

Transport’s Entry Level Talent Programs provide people with the opportunity to join our team as a Graduate, Cadet, Scholar or VET Cadet.