Passenger travel data, including patronage visualisations and surveys.

Travel, population, workforce and employment projections.

At Transport, we use data to help us make NSW freight infrastructure more efficient, sustainable and productive.

A platform for collaboration and information sharing between TfNSW and researchers interested in transportation research.

Agreed information assets for preparing proposals, business plans, and strategies that rely on projections.

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Data and research

Transport Performance and Analytics (TPA) operates as a Centre of Excellence, providing objective and credible transport data, advice and analysis. TPA combines the Bureau of Transport Statistics and Bureau of Freight Statistics and provides the evidence base that helps drive strategic decision making in support of an effective transport system.

Research and Investigation (R&I) acts as a conduit to new and ongoing research collaborations across the cluster with tertiary institutions. Through The Research Hub, it aims to increase visibility of transport research, to share knowledge and to provide direction to the tertiary sector on TfNSW priorities.
Opal train trips by month from July 2016 by train line and card type.
Opal bus trips by month from July 2016 by operator and card type.
Opal ferry trips by month from July 2016 by line and card type.

Household Travel Survey (HTS)

The most comprehensive source of personal travel data for the Sydney Greater Metropolitan Area (GMA). Find out how and why people travel.

Fare Compliance Survey Results November 2017

View the latest results from the November 2017 Fare Compliance Survey for train, bus, ferries and light rail.


Explore patronage statistics for NSW intrastate air services from 1996 onwards.