Data and research

We are a data driven organisation with vast amounts of data which we use to generate insights to transform the infrastructure and services Transport delivers to our customers and communities across NSW. Our team of Data, Research and Analytics professionals provide insights to transform experiences for our customers. We are embracing innovative thinking, adopting new and emerging technologies and building collaborative partnerships.

Transport Data Strategy 2022-2025

Unlocking the value of data for our customers, communities, partners and our people.

View the Transport Data Strategy

View weekly, monthly and yearly trips for Sydney CBD from July 2016 onwards for all available modes.

Household Travel Survey (HTS)

The most comprehensive source of personal travel data for the Sydney Greater Metropolitan Area (GMA). Find out how and why people travel.

Case studies

The Transport Data Strategy shows how we actively use data to transform infrastructure and services across NSW.

Fare Compliance Survey Results November 2019

View the latest results from the Nov 2019 Fare Compliance Survey for train, bus, ferries and light rail.