Case studies

The Transport Data Strategy shows how we actively use data to transform infrastructure and services across NSW.

Managing service demand using analytics

During construction of the Macquarie Park Sydney Metro line, Transport used data to manage increased demand for buses.

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Supporting COVID recovery

Transport for NSW used predictive analytics to forecast increased capacity on public transport in response to the COVIDSafe Transport plan.  

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Using insights to manage cycleways

In collaboration with local councils, data insights were used to deliver a more connected network of cycleways.  

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Sydney Trains: Using data to achieve Net Zero Emissions

Sydney Trains achieved its renewable energy Net Zero target in 2021 - four years ahead of schedule  

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Transport Open Data

Transport for NSW’s Open Data Program encourages innovation and the development of new mobility products.  

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Sophisticated tools give near real time insights on customer journeys

Data tools provide valuable insights to help manage the public transport network.

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Using AI to optimise use of Freight Loading Docks

Transport has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) prototype that detects and matches vehicles entering and exiting freight facilities, car parks and loading docks.  

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Collaboration with NSW Health

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Transport for NSW worked with NSW Health to provide travel patterns and develop forecasts.  

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