Enabling the delivery of the Transport Data Strategy

How data enables Transport's strategy

Transport’s data foundations will enable us to achieve our priorities.

Transport’s success in implementing this data strategy will come from its data enablers. These building blocks provide the foundation for how Transport will drive a step change in the way we use data, aligned to our principles, to achieve our priorities.

A skilled, connected workforce with a data-focused culture

Future-proofing our organisation with a data literate workforce, innovative data processes and clear operating models that ensure world-class customer experiences.

Consistent and trusted data, insights and reporting on demand

Sharing trusted data and intuitive insights allows our teams to spend their time on shaping outcomes for our customers and communities.

From reactive to proactive with analytics, artificial intelligence and modelling

Transformation of data into insights informs our decision making and actions. Analytics, AI and modelling is used to discover meaningful patterns in data. From this, we can predict and simulate behaviour across the Transport network to optimise and plan better outcomes.

Great data from our assets, people, systems, and with our partners

Capturing and digitising data creates a holistic picture of our customers and community behaviour. We will achieve this through reciprocal data exchanges with partners, embedding data generating technology into our assets and ensuring data is discoverable.

The right platforms to store, connect and manage the data

Connecting our data through an interoperable ecosystem will enable data to be accessed and exchanged with our partners, underpin the ability to explore the power of quantum computing and scale to capture the growing amounts of data in a sustainable and secure way.  

Data governance, management and ethics

Effective data management practices are embedded in our ways of working. Our data governance policies ensure data is stored, shared and used in accordance with privacy regulations.

Collaborating with NSW Government

Transport for NSW collaborates with other government departments to enhance outcomes for people of NSW.  

As part of the Whole of Government ecosystem, Transport is using data to help shape our communities. Transport shares data and expertise and contributes to NSW Government data policies, plans and response to crises. We support the NSW Government vision of becoming the world's most customer-centric government by 2030.

The Transport Data Strategy aligns to the NSW Government Data Strategy, an overarching strategy enabling a coordinated, consistent and safe approach to using and sharing data and insights across government using four themes:

  • Treating data as an asset
  • Accelerating actionable insights
  • Strengthening transparency and trust
  • Fostering culture, leadership and capacity 

Transport is committed to using data to improve the lives of NSW's people now and into the future. 

Transport is guided by Government policies:

We leverage international standards and NSW guidelines for good data practices, including:

We are contributing to whole of government initiatives for shared outcomes, including:

Transport Data Strategy uses the Future Transport Strategy and Future Transport Technology Roadmap 2021-2024 as foundational guides. We are also guided by NSW government policies and legislation, external research on global trends, data and technology. 

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