Transport Data Strategy

Transport Data Strategy 2022-2025 - Unlocking the value of data

About the Transport Data Strategy

We have a vision to unlock the value of data for our customers, communities and people to enable seamless, safe, and connected journeys and continue to build successful places.

Guiding principles

The Transport Data Strategy is guided by nine principles that reflect values and behaviours of how data is used. 

Transport Data Strategy on a page

The Transport Data Strategy provides a clear overview of how data will be used to deliver Transport’s outcomes of connecting our customers, building successful places and enabling economic growth.

Strategy outcomes

Our data strategy focuses on how we will use data to improve customers journey, connect communities, provide economic sustainability and enable our people and partners. 

Enabling the delivery of the Transport Data Strategy 

Transport for NSW is enabling better outcomes through building the data foundations which will underpin the use of data, and play an active role in how data is contributing towards achieving the NSW Government’s priorities.

Transport Data Roadmap 2022-2025

The data roadmap shows the planned outcomes that Transport will deliver on from 2022 to 2025.

Explore how Transport already uses data for better outcomes

Transport is actively using data to drive innovation and transform our infrastructure and services across NSW.