Guiding principles

The Transport Data Strategy is guided by nine principles that reflect the values and behaviours on how data is used.

The Transport Data Strategy is guided by principles which outline the right values and and behaviours for how we:

  • create, use and consume data
  • build Transport's data capabilities
  • work with each other and our external partners.

These principles ensure that we:

  • treat data appropriately from an ethical and security perspective
  • focus on customers and results
  • continue to collaborate and innovate
  • respect and secure our customers' data and privacy
  • deliver data capacity in a scalable and sustainable manner.

Transport recognises intellectual property as a valuable asset. In line with this, we democratise data with an “open-by-design” approach, treating each data asset in a way that best benefits the community.

Our guiding principles


We value the privacy of our customers and people. We minimise the risks associated with the use and sharing of data. 


Data use is only to benefit our customers, community and people. We are respectful of their rights including privacy and ethical use for decisions. We use AI responsibly, continually retesting outcomes to manage bias. 

Customer centred

We take a customer and communities-centric view when using data to improve outcomes and experiences.


We treat data as a valuable asset.

Outcomes focused

We focus on enabling business, aligning to business needs and customer outcomes.


We co‑design solutions with our partners. It is the way we work with our customers, community, industry and across Government.


We proactively look for new ways to improve the use of data. We lead the way in data capability.


We apply data insights to a range of solutions, and in a repeatable way.


Our data solutions are reliable and automated to maximise efficiencies and avoid duplication.

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