Strategy outcomes benefit our customers, community, people and partners

Using data will help change the experiences of our customers, communities, people and partners across NSW.

Unlocking the value of data for our customers

We use data to improve our customer's travel experiences by providing real-time choices, resilient networks, and safe and comfortable travel.

How we will be using data for better outcomes for our customers 

  • We use real-time spatial data to manage and optimise services and connectivity across the end-to-end network.
  • We understand our customer's travel patterns and use this to configure and build a convenient future Transport network. 
  • We use voice-of-customer programs to uncover customer travel needs and expectations and address these in a holistic way. 

    What this will look like for our customers

    • Customer journeys are optimal with efficient connection hubs to get them where they need to be safely and in comfort.
    • Events and incidents relating to customer journeys have been proactively managed with alternative routes communicated before they set out.
    • Customers have clear and easy ways to provide feedback to Transport about their experiences.

    Unlocking the value of data for our communities

    We partner with communities and listen to their needs to provide the infrastructure and services for successful places and healthier active lives.

    How we will use data for communities 

    • We understand the different community needs across NSW through continuous listening which helps us plan and deliver our services and infrastructure.
    • We use mobility data to design and create smart, safer, accessible local places and cities.
    • We use a range of data to make decisions which are relevant for future environmental sustainability, effective procurement a net zero impact.

    What this will look like for our communities

    • Transport is confident that it is actively listening to and understanding the needs of the community.
    • Communities have access to insights about local travel options and place-making plans.
    • Local communities are safe and liveable places because of smart infrastructure planning and design.

    Unlocking the value of data for economic sustainability

    Data plays a vital role in economic sustainability. By using data, we can make smarter decisions on how to deliver and maintain assets and infrastructure, support freight supply chains and contribute to improved economic outcomes across NSW.

    How we will use data for economic sustainability

    • We improve the data capture and simulation of freight movements to help inform optimised movement of goods in partnership with the freight industry.
    • We use predictive analytics and models to anticipate when assets need to be maintained reducing costs of management.
    • Improvements in modelling will lead to investment decisions which reflect the changing travel behaviours and characteristics of the people of NSW.

    What this will look like for economic sustainability

    • The freight industry has the information that it needs to manage and improve the delivery of goods.
    • Investing in reusable and sustainable data assets and systems enables data to be leveraged in a more cost-effective way.
    • Transport and our industry partners use insights to improve the development, delivery and maintenance of assets and infrastructure.

    Unlocking the value of data for our people and partners

    We are investing in our people, creating a data driven culture to become a workplace of choice. We innovate and exchange data with partners to make NSW a better place to live and work.

    How we use data for better outcomes for our partners and people

    • Reciprocal partnerships allow the exchange of data to enrich information and improve Transport outcomes across the sector. 

    • Transport Open Data and insights to drive innovation and enable regional and metropolitan customer benefits. 

    • Investment in data capabilities and skills of our people to create a data literate workforce. 

    What this will look like for our partners and people

    • Our people have the confidence to make informed decisions using trusted data in an ethical and responsible way.
    • Co-designed innovative solutions with communities, industry and academia provide tailored outcomes for customers and communities.
    • We build strong relationships across government enabling connected data for shared outcomes that maximise benefits for the people of NSW

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