Reference Information

Forecasts and projections

Strategic Travel Model (STM), forecasts travel patterns in the Sydney Greater Metropolitan Area (GMA).

Travel Zone Projections 2022 (TZP22)
Modelled small area estimates of land use by Travel Zone for 2016-2066 used for transport planning and modelling. They cover:

  • Population & Dwellings
  • Workforce
  • Employment

Travel Zones 2016
A custom small area geography suitable for transport modelling and aligned with Australian Statistical Geographical Standard (ASGS)

Travel Zone Explorer – Visualisation
Use this visualisation to search for Travel Zones (TZ) and find out the current and future population, workforce or employment in a TZ.

Travel Zone Projections 2022 (TZP22) Dashboard
Use this interactive dashboard to view population, dwellings, workforce and employment projections by Travel Zone and other geographies.