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Welcome to the Transport for New South Wales Research Hub. The Research Hub fosters collaboration and information sharing between TfNSW, the tertiary sector, industry and other government agencies that are interested in transport and related research. The Research Hub outlines TfNSW Strategic Research Directions, Problem Statements and how partners can engage with us to solve some of transport’s biggest challenges.

The use of innovative design and sustainable materials are at the forefront of the winning entry in Transport for NSW’s 2018 Sustainable Design Competition. Christopher Zeng-Allen from the University of Sydney was awarded top prize for his ‘A Node to Health’ design for an imagined Parramatta Light Rail terminus at Westmead Hospital. University students were invited to put on their thinking caps and come up with imaginative solutions for a proposed Parramatta Light Rail interchange at Westmead Hospital, including a new light rail terminus, an open space, park or plaza, and integrated station development.

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In early February, Sydney Metro's Customer Strategy team sponsored a two-day Transport Spaces of the Future Challenge at Google's headquarters, in partnership with the Transport for NSW Research Hub and Tobias strategic design and innovation consultancy firm.

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Transport’s Research Model is driven by both a bottom-up and top-down approach. This approach begins with a detailed analysis of the complex challenges facing Transport, and works towards strategic and innovative solutions to address these challenges. Our Research Communities of Practice (RCoPs) have developed a range of Problem Statements in alignment with Transport’s Strategic Research Directions. Each RCoP is comprised of subject matter experts and staff from across the transport cluster that meet regularly to identify Transport’s challenges, opportunities and research priorities.

We invite researchers from around Australia to collaborate with us on these Problem Statements.

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