Research and Evaluation Projects

The Research Hub provides a home for sharing research outcomes. Explore current and completed projects and engage with Transport for NSW's Research Themes.

Current projects

East-Coast Inland Rail

Research to improve understanding for optimal use of the regional road and rail networks.

Promoting Sustainable University Travel Choices

Research designed to support better university sector engagement, understanding travel behaviours post-pandemic.

Healthy, Equitable and Sustainable Urban Mobility

Promoting active travel and public transport for a post-pandemic world

Hydrogen Powered Heavy Vehicle Demand and Infrastructure Assessment

Research designed to investigate the potential hydrogen fuel for heavy vehicle market size and likely first movers.

Integrated connected data for safe, efficient traffic management

Exploring new data to improve current network management approaches.

Emissions and economic modelling of NSW road and rail freight

Research that aims to model the impact of various policy levers on carbon emissions from road and rail freight, and identify the economic benefits of decarbonising the freight sector in New South Wales.

Aboriginal Cultural Land Management for transport resilience

Research designed to improve the resilience of the transport corridor network through the integration of Aboriginal Cultural Land Management (ACLM) practices. The research will be delivered in partnership with La Trobe University.

Zero emissions heavy vehicles: Analysis, planning and policy

This research aims to improve our understanding of pathways towards zero emissions for heavy vehicles including the potential technology mix and costs.

Optimisation of replacement buses during network disruptions

The purpose of this project is to develop a proof-of-concept tool for predicting replacement bus needs during unexpected network disruptions.

Work Zone End of Queue Study

Understanding and testing work zone safety treatments to reduce the frequency and severity of incidents.

Using Virtual-Reality Technology to Improve Cycleway Design

Research by Transport and University of NSW to investigate how to integrate cycling facilities into urban and suburban environments safely.

Wagga Wagga Active Travel Plan Evaluation

Evaluative research by TfNSW, University of Sydney and Wagga Wagga City Council to understand outcomes of Wagga Wagga's Active Travel Plan.

Improving the Bikeability of Our Cities

An interactive scenario planning tool to explore various bicycle infrastructure scenarios and assess their potential impacts.

Completed projects

Roadworker Safety

Research designed to explore innovative ways to use new, emerging and existing technologies to improve road worker safety on the high speed, high volume motorways.

Evaluation and implementation of Shared Spaces in NSW

Foundational research designed to support shared space design concepts and applications in NSW.

Regional Town and Rural Hinterland Blueprint

Research to better understand mobility as a service (MaaS) requirements in a regional context.

Human size variation in design of Australian transport systems

Research designed to provide a comprehensive review of currently available anthropometry data and its applicability to the Australian Transport industry.

Frictionless Ticketing for Public Transport

Exploring new and emerging technologies for introducing frictionless ticketing.

Exploring balance between movement and place in designing safe and successful places

Research designed to explore the application of the Movement and Place Framework using immersive virtual environments.

Working from Home and Implications for Metropolitan Strategic Transport Models

Exploring the impact of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic on transport models and policy.

Community transport of the future

Collaborative research designed to review the current community transport ecosystem in Australia.

Accelerated and Intelligent Road Assessment Program (AiRAP) data collection for Australian road safety

Research designed to improve road safety by accessing road data faster using new data extraction methods and machine learning.

New Dynamic Network Analysis Tools

A collaboration between TfNSW and the Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (RCITI) at University of New South Wales (UNSW).

Sandy and Rosie, the Sydney Harbour Bridge robots

The research and development of the Sydney Harbour Bridge robots.

Safer by Design Bin

Collaboration between TfNSW, Sydney Trains, NSW Police and UTS on the design and development of safer bins.

Transport Network Architecture (TNA) model

ASA's presentation of the TfNSW Transport Network Architecture (TNA) model.

Driverless shuttle bus trial

A two-year trial of autonomous vehicles at Sydney Olympic Park.

Evaluation of Western NSW flexible transport

Information about the current research on the new flexible bus transport service trial in regional NSW.