Information for Survey Participants

Transport for NSW appreciates your participation in the Household Travel Survey.

If you have received a letter from Transport for NSW regarding your household’s selection to participate in the Household Travel Survey, you may find this section useful.

The Household Travel Survey (HTS) collects information on personal travel behaviour within the Sydney Greater Metropolitan Area (GMA). The GMA includes metropolitan Sydney, Illawarra and the Hunter. Typically, approximately 2,000-3,000 households are randomly selected annually to participate in this survey that runs continuously every day of the year – including during school and public holidays. You may be asked to participate in the survey in different ways. The current way of participation can be found in ‘How is the survey being run?

The purpose of the survey is to obtain information from as many different households as possible to better understand travel patterns of a wide range of people. This information is critical in the planning of an effective and efficient transport system. 

The data we receive from households such as yours across the Sydney Greater Metropolitan Area helps us understand how, when, why and where people travel. 

We need to hear from you, whether you make a lot of trips or only a few.

Survey participants can be assured:

  • all information collected is confidential and will remain confidential. You can read here about how Transport for NSW protects your privacy and manages personal information we collect
  • survey results are grouped together to give an overview of travel across an area
  • name and contact information is only collected for survey purposes and is removed before the survey information is sent to Transport for NSW
  • Addresses are not analysed directly and are converted into geospatial coordinates for all analytical purposes.

The survey is a Transport for NSW program and is undertaken on our behalf by IPSOS.

If you would like further information on the survey, please see the FAQs section. If you would like to speak to the survey team at Ipsos, please call 1800 330 225 (free call) during normal business hours, or email

If you’re calling after hours, or the phone line is busy (we do receive a lot of calls), please leave your contact details so the survey team can get in touch with you.