Safety After Dark

Transport for NSW has announced an initiative, Safety After Dark, focused on making women feel and be safer when travelling in our city. Research into women’s safety revealed that girls and women do not always feel safe participating in our city at night. While many factors contribute to this, transportation was identified as an area where improvements could be made.

Transport for NSW are committed to collaborating with other government agencies, local councils and industry to work on solutions to make our city safer for women. We are taking action through a number of initiatives:

Innovation Challenge

The Safety After Dark Innovation Challenge

Accelerating technologies that address issues of womens’ safety when travelling, at night.

We’re keen to find the world’s best solutions to the below problem statement and see those solutions scale.

Ideas may come from startups with expertise in relevant areas, or those with existing solutions that could be applied to this space.

Safety After Dark offers a unique program. It is designed for trials that can commence in 2020. To do this, we have prepared a specific problem statement for you to address, equity-free seed funding to develop your idea, and bespoke support to make it happen.

The best applications will be tailored to clearly address this problem statement Following and referring to this page will maximise your chances of success. This is a valuable way to raise your profile with Transport NSW.

Applications open March 6 and close April 23.

The Challenge


Greater Sydney Women’s Safety Charter

The Charter was launched by the Greater Sydney Commission on International Women’s Day in March 2020. The Charter has been developed in partnership with Transport for NSW alongside other government agencies, industry, councils and peak bodies.

It outlines a set of principles that can be actioned to make our city safer for women.

A number of initiatives will be developed to support the Charter, including the Safety After Dark Innovation Challenge. Led by the Transport Digital Accelerator, we are working with industry and startups to help us solve this problem.

Womens Safety Charter


More On The Transport Digital Accelerator


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The Challenge

Accelerating technologies that address issues of womens' safety when travelling at night.

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FAQ - Questions you might ask

What is Safety After Dark?                                                                          

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