Strategic Freight Forecasts

These visualisations feature NSW freight commodity demand forecasts by origin at Statistical Area Level 3 (SA3) and origin-destination at Statistical Area Level 4 (SA4). Prepared by Transport Performance and Analytics, these forecasts reflect growth based on underlying market drivers of freight commodity demand between 2016 and 2056.

For more information regarding the forecasts, please see the NSW Freight Commodity Demand Forecasts Report which provides the underpinning evidence base for the NSW Freight and Port Plan 2018-2023.

NSW Freight Commodity Demand Forecasts Report (PDF, 2.76 MB)

This report outlines the drivers and rationale used to produce NSW freight commodity demand volume forecasts for the 40 year period between 2016 to 2056 as well as a summary of the demand forecasts for Sydney Greater Metropolitan Area (GMA), regional NSW, NSW inter-capital and total NSW.

Note: Datasets are available on the Open Data Hub