Rail Capability

This measure shows the axle load capability of the operational rail lines on the NSW network.

A higher Tonne Axle Load (TAL) allows for the operations of heavier locomotives and wagons, enabling more freight to be transported on a single train and provides greater flexibility in operations as the same wagons can be used across more parts of the network.

The NSW rail network includes 6,800 route kilometres of operational rail lines.

About the data

Dataset name: Rail Capability
Data owner: Freight Branch, Transport for NSW
Operator Coverage: Australian Rail Track Corporation, Country Regional Network, V/Line, Sydney Trains
Date range: 2018 to present
Frequency: Annually

Description: This visualisation displays TAL capacity of the operational lines on the NSW rail network, including Sydney Trains, the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) and Country Regional Networks (CRN).
The measure is calculated in route kilometres and uses the highest permissible axle load for wagons using the line segment.

  • Total route kilometres of the rail network in NSW was calculated using corridor lengths of main lines from the ASA Asset Reference Codes Register
  • Sydney Trains network – 201 route kilometres of the network is included but has no freight services. TAL for the purposes of the visualisation are not applicable. The remainder of the network shows where regular timetabled freight services operate and is shared between freight and passenger services.
  • One line segment on the CRN is accessible only to heritage trains. TAL for the purposes of the visualisation is not applicable.
  • Victorian lines in NSW - part of the Victorian Rail Network that extends into Southern NSW.

The calculation for this measure has the following limitations/caveats:

  • Before using information shown, users should refer to the relevant network website for full line capability and operation condition details.
  • The tonne axle load displayed represents the maximum wagon tonne axle load. Not all classes of wagons and locomotives are able to operate at the maximum axle load limits due to design or operational issues.
  • The measure does not identify temporary waivers or concessions for increases and restrictions on published limits.