Road Freight Productivity Schemes Participation

This measure determines the level of participation in NSW road freight productivity schemes.

Transport for NSW administers a number of schemes designed to improve usage and effectiveness of the existing road network for key supply chains. 

About the data

Dataset name: NSW Road Freight Productivity Schemes Participation
Data owner: Freight Industry Branch, Transport for NSW​​​
Date range: 2013 onwards (data availability and dates may vary across schemes) 
Frequency: Annual
Coverage: Road freight productivity schemes across NSW

Description: This visualisation shows the number of registered participants, councils and enrolled vehicles for selected productivity schemes.

  • The NSW Grain Harvest Management Scheme (GHMS) promotes the safe and productive movement of grain during peak harvest periods. 
  • The Livestock Loading Scheme is designed to enhance productivity in the NSW meat and livestock industry. 
  • The Safety, Productivity & Environment Construction Transport Scheme (SPECTS) is a scheme designed to improve the safety, environmental performance and productivity of heavy vehicles used by the construction industry in NSW.
  • Data varies across different schemes
  • The Sugar Cane Harvest Management Schemes is not currently included within the data visualisation. ​​​​​​