Public Transport Information and Priority System case study

Our transport customers are increasingly using apps like TripView and TripGo to stay in-the-know when it comes to their transport options.

The Public Transport Information and Priority System (PTIPS) is where all that information comes from. The PTIPS is a real-time data platform that feeds all the transport apps, providing customers with bus, train, light rail and ferry locations.

To offer an optimal service, we are working with the TMC (Transport Management Centre) to ensure the PTIPS is able to communicate to the public last-minute changes to services or “Emergency” events via Mobile devices. And, in an Australian first, our real-time public transport updates and service alerts will be published on Google Maps.

There are also a number of other exciting initiatives underway.

The B-Line Program is using PTIPS to provide more reliable journeys between Mona Vale and the Sydney CBD. This line is the first one in Sydney to be equipped with a real-time system where passengers are informed via Public Information Displays (PIDs) onboard the buses as well as at the stop points.

"It’s thrilling and exciting to have been trusted for this project. The customers’ response has been both professional and positive, so we are really looking forward to further business opportunities in Australia"

Thomas Ottosson, CEO of Consat Telematics

We are also using PTIPS and SCATS (Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System) to develop a High Priority Request system to allow buses to move along transit ways using a green wave-like approach to traffic lights. Using the pre-existing PTIPS self-learning and predictive algorithms we can predict the exact moment the bus is set to arrive at the intersection and communicate this via SCATS to the traffic lights, turning them green before the bus arrives. This will almost double the average bus speed through some of the intersections along the transit way.

Both these new initiatives allow operators to make changes to the services in real-time and communicate directly with the customers on any digital channel. As a result there has been an increase in customer satisfaction and patronage on services.

In 2017 PTIPS won the Best NSW Government Initiative and Overall Best Smart City Project at the Smart City Awards.