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Environment and sustainability

We deliver transport services, projects, operations and programs that balance economic, environmental and social factors to ensure a sustainable transport system for NSW. In doing this we are committed to managing our impacts on the environment and operating in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Indicators and targets

Environment and Sustainability Indicators and Targets have been set for those things Transport for NSW has control of – that is environment and sustainability outcomes associated with planning, designing, building and operating transport infrastructure and its corporate operations.

Energy management

To use Transport’s energy sources more efficiently and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Pollution control

To minimise air, noise, water and pollution from Transport’s operations and construction

Climate change resilience

To plan and deliver transport infrastructure and operations that are resilient to the effects of climate change

Resource management

To reduce water consumption in Transport’s operations, maintenance, construction and management


To mitigate transport impacts on biodiversity


To mitigate transport impacts on heritage

Liveable communities

To make our cities, centres and communities more liveable through the delivery of transport which is integrated with surrounding land use activities

Corporate sustainability

To establish governance arrangements for Transport which support resource efficiency and continuous improvement in environment and sustainability performance

Last updated: 2 November 2016

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