Port Botany stakeholder forums

The input of all stakeholders in the cargo movement chain is critical for identifying issues and developing sustainable solutions to drive efficiency improvements on the freight network.

There are two formal forums in place for rail and road operations at Port Botany.

Rail Operations & PBROG

CMCC works to delivery rail efficiency reforms that will move higher volumes of freight by rail – efficiently, reliably, with lower impacts on the environment and Sydney’s traffic.

It has already undertaken significant work to identify inefficiencies in the freight rail network through collaboration with industry, PBROG and government stakeholders.

PBROG was established in 2015 to help drive improved rail network utilisation and efficiency at the port.

The members of PBROG are CEO level representatives of the stevedores, rail operators, NSW Ports, Transport for NSW and port infrastructure participants.

PBROG is providing Transport for NSW with critical advice on rail operational performance in and out of Port Botany, including removing any policy or regulatory impediments to improving rail freight performance.

The Port Road Taskforce (PRT) was dissolved under clause 12 (b) of its Terms of Reference as a result of the formation of the Port, Transport and Logistics Taskforce. The last meeting of the Port Road Taskforce took place on 30 January 2019.  For any enquiries related to the Port Road Taskforce (PRT) please contact the Cargo Movement Coordination Centre at landsideimprovement@transport.nsw.gov.au

Port Transport and Logistics Taskforce

The Port Transport and Logistics Taskforce is a consultative forum for representatives of businesses having a direct interest in the operations of Port Botany.

Through the Forum NSW Ports and Transport for NSW (by its Cargo Movement Coordination Centre) will consult with business representatives on developments and proposals for, or affecting, Transport and Logistics at Port Botany and encourage feedback and ideas for continued and improved efficiency.

Port Botany Road Taskforce - Terms of Reference (PDF, 119.22 KB)

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