Emicro: Smart Micro Mobility Infrastructure

Project Overview

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) in partnership with Emicro has funded a 12-month trial as part of their City Revitalisation Innovation Challenge. The trial is seeking to assess usage patterns for E-bike charging facilities at two key locations across Sydney where the demand for bicycle parking is high.  

What is the solution?

This solution includes two E-bike charging stations with 10 racks and locks (each). Any bike can be used at the bike charging station and it is free of charge for all users. The charging stations provide secure bike parking for users, ease of mobility for riders and centralised parking. The E-bikes can be locked and unlocked via a mobile app (the instructions are located onsite). And users have the ability to charge their E-bikes whilst using the station (noting the user must provide their own charger).

Where is it located?

Location 1: The E-bike charging station is located opposite the Roundhouse building, adjacent to the Law building, UNSW.
Location 2: To be installed, information to be provided shortly.  

How long is it available for?

The E-bike charging station at UNSW will be avaliable for use for 12 months, until the 16th December 2023. 

If you have any questions or require more information, please contact activetransport@transport.nsw.gov.au