Secure Agility: Active Transport Insights

Active Transport Insights – Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor and capture pedestrian and key cycleway activity and usage across NSW.

Project Overview

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) in partnership with Secure Agility has funded a 12-month trial as part of their City Revitalisation Innovation Challenge.

What is the solution?

Transport for NSW is trialling the use of Artificial intelligence (AI) on CCTV cameras at 33 key cycleways and one bike rack location across NSW to monitor active transport activity. The AI detection will capture counts of Pedestrians, Cyclists, E-scooters, Micro freight, all other vehicle types, safety incidents and traffic counterflow.

Footage will be processed by an AI application and subsequently converted into numerical data. Only de-identified numerical data will be captured to explore the capability and constraints of using AI to monitor active transport activity.


The trial will utilise CCTV cameras from the following council areas:

  1. City of Sydney
  2. Waverly
  3. Wollongong
  4. Canterbury Bankstown
  5. Canada Bay
  6. Blacktown
  7. Newcastle & 
  8. Sutherland

For more information about the trial please email: