Information for TAOs

Information for TAOs

TAO status is maintained through participation in an ongoing surveillance audit program. The audit program assures that an authorised entity:

•    continues to work within the authorised scope of engineering services and

•    continues to deploy systems and processes that meet the scheme requirements.

TAO surveillance

An AMB pre-audit questionnaire will be sent to the TAO about 12 weeks before a proposed surveillance date.  The returned completed questionnaire provides information to support decision making on surveillance audit planning needs, or alternatively if an audit is to be deferred.

If a decision is made to proceed with a surveillance audit an AMB systems auditor will be assigned to lead the audit and you will be notified accordingly. Please follow the instructions provided by AMB to enable audit planning to be progressed.

For more information on the surveillance process please refer to TS 06197.2:3.0 TAO Authorisation Scheme. (PDF, 676.59 KB)

Key steps in the surveillance audit process are shown in the image below.

Applying for a scope expansion

Existing TAOs seeking to expand the scope of the engineering services that they are able to deliver, can apply through our Industry Portal. Any specific questions can be directed to your Authorisation Facilitator or