Apply for sponsorship

We sponsor a range of organisations and events that align with our strategic priorities.

We sponsor a range of organisations and events that align with our strategic priorities including:

  • Improving road and maritime safety
  • Reducing travel times
  • Growing patronage on public transport by making it a more attractive choice
  • Improving the customer experience with transport services

We may sponsor through the provision of financial support or “value in kind” support in return for agreed and defined benefits in accordance with our Sponsorship and Corporate Membership Policy (PDF, 249.43 KB).

Eligibility criteria

Organisations such as:

  • State significant events and major community events
  • Sporting, cultural or community organisation activities
  • Charities and cause-related requests for support
  • Transport related community education programs
  • Industry exhibitions, conferences and trade shows


  • Have a sound reputation with Government
  • Good performance of past sponsorships
  • Good alignment or fit of the brand and activities of the sponsor and TfNSW
  • Have no conflict between objectives/mission/business practices of TfNSW with those of the sponsor

TfNSW will not consider applications that involve:

  • Funding of research
  • Conditional Grants (for specified activities)
  • Community Service Programs
  • The purchase or sale of advertising space
  • Donations to charities whether in cash or in kind, whereby there are no contracted benefits in exchange for funds
  • Events and activity outside of NSW

TfNSW will not consider organisations, events and activities which:

  • Are aligned to a political or religious organisation
  • Promote gambling
  • May be construed as discriminatory
  • Could be detrimental to public health and safety
  • Promotes or encourages alcohol or any substance abuse

How to apply

If you meet the above criteria complete the Sponsorship Application (PDF, 185.29 KB) and email it to

Please allow between 6-8 weeks for assessment of your proposal and note that, while your proposal may meet the criteria, approval will depend on availability of funds and resources.