333 Bondi Link celebrates its first full year of service

Australia's most popular bus route celebrates its first birthday after taking passengers on more than 8.6 million journeys.

The 333 ‘turn-up-and-go’ service in Sydney’s east has undertaken more than 124,000 trips since hitting the road in September last year.

Collectively the service has travelled more than 1,300,000 kilometres. That's more than 32 times around the globe. 

333 Bondi Link

State Transit CEO Steffen Faurby said the Bondi Link service, with its eye-catching fleet of bright blue buses with surf motifs, has been a stunning success.

“The relaunch of our route 333 as Bondi Link, a high-frequency turn-up-and-go service, has been a huge success for our customers and organisation. More than 8.6 million people have tapped on since the launch on 23 September last year. That’s more than one customer journey for each person living in Sydney today.

“The introduction of the 333 ‘turn-up–and-go’ service created the biggest opportunity for State Transit to deliver a reliable, high-frequency service for commuters in Sydney’s east. And we have delivered.  Capacity on the morning peak alone has increased by 3250 passengers."

200 drivers, 41 bendy buses and a team of mechanics based at Waverley Depot contribute to the service's daily success.