Ever wanted your own personal assistant?


Having a personal assistant to help us deal with our busy lives is, for most of us, a luxury that’s out of reach.

But with technology everything is possible, and at Transport we’ve been working hard to deliver a new, digital take on the personal assistant.

Allow us to introduce the Transport Bot, our very own real-time intelligent transport assistant who is always ready, willing and equipped to answer over 600 travel questions on Facebook Messenger and transportnsw.info.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Transport Bot knows your closest bus, train, ferry or light rail service and when it’s leaving. It enables two-way feedback about your transport experience and can notify you of service disruptions that may impact your daily commute.

It’s even integrated with voice tech, like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. That means to grab the latest transport info, all you need to do is ask!

Chat with Transport Bot any time by visiting www.facebook.com/NSWPublicTransportor transportnsw.info/

Transport Bot is just one part of the big picture in technology for roads and public transport in NSW.

Watch this video to find out what else is already here and what’s just around the corner.