Rail Infrastructure and Systems Review interim report

The Government has now received the Sydney Trains Rail Infrastructure Systems Review interim report, handed down by current National Transport Commission Chair, Carolyn Walsh.

There are 12 recommendations in the report which have been accepted by Government.

Work has commenced on the implementation of the interim recommendations, while the Review Panel undertake more detailed investigations during Phase Two.

A final report to be tabled in late October 2023 for consideration by Cabinet.

Read the interim report here

About Sydney Trains

Sydney Trains operates Sydney’s suburban passenger rail network comprising 919km of electrified track and 169 stations, including four stations on the Airport Line, across eight lines.

Each day, 3200 timetabled services deliver around 720,000 passenger journeys. Sydney Trains is responsible for the management of more than $46 billion in assets, including the maintenance of almost 2,000km of track, 2134 electric and diesel cars, and over 1536km of electric wiring.