Cementing in a first for Edmondson Park footpath


In a first for NSW, cutting edge technology is being trialled to capture high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) inside recycled construction material to produce concrete, creating more sustainable and greener footpaths around the new Edmondson Park North Commuter Carpark.

The aim of the trial is to test recycling construction waste by injecting it with CO2 to create durable and high strength concrete. Previous trials have only achieved a maximum 40 percent ratio of the CO2 recycled concrete mixed in with standard concrete.

At Edmondson Park, we are pushing the bar and increasing the CO2 recycled content ratio to 50 percent along a 3-metre section of the pathway.

Transport for NSW has worked in close collaboration, with delivery partner A W Edwards to encourage the use of new sustainability methods on this project.

The process to create CO2 Concrete includes crushing recycled construction material in a pressurised chamber, then injecting it with CO2 to ensure the same level of durability and strength as standard concrete. 

Once the concrete is laid, it effectively allows the path to become a carbon store, which will improve environmental outcomes and reduce landfill space by turning construction waste into construction material.

The trial has been developed by Western Sydney University and Holcim Accelerator Program to encourage new technologies and start up enterprises.

Attending the first pour of this new-tech concrete were representatives from Liverpool City Council, Western Sydney University, A W Edwards and Transport for NSW.

The trial will be monitored by Western Sydney University researchers over the coming 12 months to assess the effectiveness of the CO2 concrete and potentially increase the mix to 100 percent through further trials.