Community voices appointed to Great Western Highway advisory panels


Thirteen residents have been appointed to two new advisory panels set up to provide local input and advice on upgrades of the Great Western Highway at Medlow Bath and Coxs River Road.
The Medlow Bath Upgrade Community Advisory Group and the Coxs River Road Upgrade Community Advisory Group have been formed to liaise with Transport for NSW and its contractors on construction issues related to the upgrades that directly impact residents.
Interested residents were invited to apply for positions on the advisory groups and complete an interview process detailing their ties to the community and other personal attributes which they believed made them a good candidate.
“We thank everyone who took the time to apply for a spot on these panels and greatly appreciate their interest in the work Transport for NSW is carrying out in these areas,” Transport for NSW Regional Director West Alistair Lunn said.
“From the high quality applicants we have been able to invite 13 community members to join the two advisory panels and we look forward to hearing them voice the concerns of their local communities and provide vital feedback to Transport for NSW and the construction contractor.
“The Coxs River Road advisory group will meet for the first time on Tuesday 28 November and the Medlow Bath group will meet on Wednesday 29 November. We’re excited to see them in action.”
The successful advisory panel applicants are (Medlow Bath) Belinda Shipton, Debra Brown, Deborah Howell, Halina Pochwyt, Ian Hehir, Jenny Storaker, Narelle Morrissey and Simon Smith, and (Coxs River Road) Christopher Deiley, David Harris, Ramsay Moodie, Susi Moodie and an additional local business owner.
All 13 successful applicants displayed a passion for their communities, great connections with local residents and a commitment to working alongside Transport for NSW and contractors to deliver the best possible outcomes for residents during construction.
More information on the projects is available on the Transport for NSW website at and