Design Sydney Harbour Bridge's new bike ramp


16 August 2021

A competition to design the new Sydney Harbour Bridge bike ramp will be held, after the community backed a proposed ramp from Bradfield Park to the existing bridge deck cycleway.

Minister for Transport and Roads Andrew Constance said the community will be asked for feedback on three shortlisted architectural designs before a winner is announced later this year.

“We’re after innovative designs that are not only worthy of the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, but also respect the heritage of the area, embrace Aboriginal culture and enhance the open space for the Milsons Point community,” Mr Constance said.

“The Harbour Bridge cycleway is one of the most popular bike routes in the city, with an average of 2,000 cyclists using it each day. Patronage is expected to increase once the ramp is built and cyclists no longer have to carry their bikes up the stairs.

“Transport for NSW will continue to engage with residents and community groups as the design process progresses, as well as with Heritage NSW.”

Transport for NSW conducted consultation that reached 6,300 people and heard from 2,759 through surveys and submissions. 82 per cent voted in favour of the bike ramp, with the majority wanting the  linear option over a looped ramp at Milsons Point.

Member for North Shore Felicity Wilson has called on the community to now play an active
role in shaping the design of this project.

“For more than a decade, design and consultation has been undertaken to try to find the best solution to the incredibly challenging problem of both increasing safety for pedestrians and meeting the need for improved cycle access to the bridge – all while protecting and preserving the open space and heritage we love,” Ms Wilson said.

“The outcomes of this consultation demonstrate that the broad views across my own community, as well as the wider catchment, support this project proceeding.

“I want to thank the local community for their extensive engagement – and call on all our local residents to now help create the vision for the final cycleway.”

Transport for NSW previously made the decision not to progress with a lift or travellator because they did not solve safety or congestion issues, and reduced the capacity of the existing cycleway.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway runs between Millers Point and Milsons Point along the western side of the Harbour Bridge.