Green Square residents encouraged to get active


Free cycling courses, e-bike loan and other initiatives will be offered to Green Square commuters as Transport for NSW collaborates with the City of Sydney to promote active transport in the area.

As part of the campaign Green Square residents and visitors will also be encouraged to walk or cycle for short trips and take a guided bike ride along one of the area’s increasing number of dedicated cycleways.

Transport for NSW Executive Director Customer Journey Planning Craig Moran said the demand for travel to and from Green Square was growing and getting active on your journey, or travelling a little earlier or later, could mean a faster more comfortable journey.

“As more people live in and visit the area, we aim to help improve commuters’ travel experiences by promoting travel outside the regular peak and active transport for short trips,” Mr Moran said.

“Bus journeys between Green Square and Central Station are popular, while destinations from Green Square include UNSW Sydney. Train trips between Green Square and CBD stations are also a favourite with commuters.

“So, whether you’re travelling a short distance from Green Square to the CBD or university, consider cycling, walking or changing your commute time to less busy periods.

“Plan your trip by checking the capacity of your bus or train at to avoid the peak and aim for a quicker, more comfortable journey.

“And if you’re one of the many people in Sydney who have started riding in the past two years, cycling to work or study is one way to continue a positive habit picked up during the pandemic. The Green Square area now has more dedicated cycleways.”

City of Sydney Lord Mayor, Clover Moore welcomed the State Government funding and their commitment to active transport.

“We’re very proud of the work the city’s done in Green Square and how well-connected it is to the broader city cycling network. Our new separated cycleway on Gadigal Avenue and Potter Street will soon make it possible for people to ride from the hub of East Village shopping centre to Taylor Square entirely separated from traffic,” the Lord Mayor said. 

“It’s absolutely fantastic that our residents and visitors in the Green Square precinct can use an extensive network of separated cycleways, bike-friendly plazas, and shared paths making short trips by bike easy and safe.”

In the coming months, the City of Sydney will deliver activities like free cycling courses, e-bike loans and more in the Green Square area.

“We’re planning guided rides for small groups, cycling in the city courses, as well as introductory bike maintenance courses and other activities. These include ‘try an e-bike’ sessions in public parks in Green Square,” the Lord Mayor said.

Green Square covers Beaconsfield and Zetland, and parts of Rosebery, Alexandria and Waterloo.

Visit for details, including how to register for the free active transport courses and activities.

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