Lower speed limits for safer trips near new Bathurst homes


Extended 50km/h speed zones will deliver safer journeys for road users and local residents on two roads near new housing developments in Bathurst.
Transport for NSW conducted speed zone reviews of Limekilns Road and Marsden Lane due to concerns over the amount of traffic generated by new housing in the area.
Transport for NSW Regional Director West Alistair Lunn said the reviews assessed a number of factors including location, crash history, road environment, the number of access points, road usage, traffic mix and traffic volumes on both roads.
“The reviews found the high number of private accesses within the existing 80 km/h speed zones on Limekilns Road and Marsden Lane, intersections with other roads and an increasing number of homes in the areas meant a speed limit reduction was appropriate to create a safer environment for all road users,” Mr Lunn said.
“As a result, the existing 50 km/h speed zone on Limekilns Road that ends just past Alluvial Place will be extended by 650 metres to the north-east to take in the intersections with Sunbright Road, Wheatfield Drive and Lawrence Drive.
“In addition, the existing 50 km/h speed zone on Marsden Lane that ends 1250 metres west of the intersection with Limekilns Road will be extended to the east by 665 metres to take in the intersections with Sunbright Road and Clairvaux Lane.
“These speed zone changes will result in less than 20 seconds of additional travel time over the review areas but will make journeys along both roads safer for all.”
The new speed zones on Limekilns Road and Marsden Lane will come into effect from Friday 22 September with new roadside signage being installed to advise motorists of the changes.
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