New camera technology shaping the future of freight in the state’s north and west


Using world-first camera technology, Transport for NSW is continuing to install machine learning traffic cameras across the state, with the state’s north and west to be part of the program.

The Transport for NSW trial will use new counting and classifying cameras to better understand freight movements to help reduce congestion, improve road safety outcomes, and encourage more efficient deliveries.

The new technology is seen as another tool that can be used to help manage increasing freight volumes, which are expected to increase across NSW by 28 per cent by 2036 over a 2018 baseline.

The new cameras will be installed at the following locations:

  • Golden Hwy/Denman Rd, Denman
  • Barrier Hwy, Nyngan
  • Bourke Rd/Kidman Way, Cobar.


High-definition pictures of heavy vehicles are taken by the cameras, which are then classified into the type of vehicle in transit and the type of cargo being transported.

This heavy vehicle traffic information will enable Transport for NSW to better understand freight movements with the aim of assisting long-term planning for the movement of goods in NSW.

The cameras are not used for enforcement or monitoring people or private vehicles.

For more information including a current list of locations: