New Future Transport Strategy sets the direction of improving every part of our transport system


Transport for NSW has unveiled its updated Future Transport Strategy which outlines plans to innovate our transport system making travel easier, safer and more efficient to keep our state moving into the future.

The Future Transport Strategy shapes our future planning, investment, delivery and operations to ensure our network is more efficient and reliable, giving people more choices and better access. It sets the direction for improving every part of our transport system to benefit our customers, the community and the economy.

Our strategy contributes to the liveability and quality of our cities, towns and neighbourhoods. A key feature is the creation of connected 30-minute cities and convenient 15-minute-neighbourhoods.

This new Future Transport Strategy considers significant social and economic change brought about by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, bush fires, floods, and drought. It addresses these changes and trends such as population growth, energy transition, the digital economy, data management, climate change and evolving technology.

It includes ground-breaking ideas to bring our six cities vision to life, connect regional communities, encourage thriving local neighbourhoods, support the freight sector, and build on our economic success.

Also featured is Transport for NSW ’s record investment in active transport infrastructure and initiatives to make walking and cycling safer and easier.

Integral is to strategy is Transport for NSW ongoing commitment to environmentally responsible operations. Building on the achievement of operating our train network on 100 per cent renewable energy, the strategy includes the rollout of zero emission buses and the transition to electric vehicles.

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