Public transport made easy at Edmondson Park with 2000 car spots


Commuters at Edmondson Park will benefit from around 2000 parking spaces, as the North Commuter Car Park with 900 extra spaces opens, complementing the recently opened car park at Edmondson Park South.

The car park is located off Soldiers Parade, north-east of Edmondson Park Station. More than 8400 cubic metres of concrete and 1700 tonnes of reinforced steel was used in its construction. New carbon injected concrete has been adopted in the footpaths, a landmark trial for future concrete designs.

The carpark also features over 800 solar panels to help power the car park, electric vehicle charging stations and upgraded traffic lights at Soldiers Parade to accommodate safe access between the car park and the railway station.

The project has adopted world-leading sustainability initiatives that will pave the way for future projects and create resilient and future-focused infrastructure, supporting the NSW Government’s Net Zero and climate change commitments. These include AI powered energy monitoring systems, portable battery systems in place of diesel generators, and hydrogen generators.

New artworks to complement the southern car park and reflect the natural history of the area will be installed in the coming months.

The car park will be operated with Transport Park&Ride boom gates which provides up to 18 hours of free parking each day. For more information, visit

Information on the Edmondson Park North Commuter Car Park can be found at

The Edmondson Park Commuter Car Park project has been delivered by the NSW Government to make it easier for passengers to access the public transport network and help ease congestion on our road network.