Reduced speed limits for Bega Valley


Motorists will soon experience safer journeys in Bega Valley with the speed limit set to be reduced in five locations next month.

A Transport for NSW spokesperson said, from Friday 8 March, the speed limit will drop at five locations to improve safety for road users, reduce the risk of crashes and improve access on and off local roads.

“The review of these speed zones was initiated in response to requests from the community due to safety concerns,” the spokesperson said.

The speed limit will be reduced from 100 km/h to 80 km/h for a six-kilometre stretch of Tathra-Bermagui Road at Cuttagee, and a 2.9-kilometre stretch at Tanja.

The review found two recent crashes at Cuttagee and the presence of vulnerable road users at Tanja with the location being close to Tanja Public School. Reducing the speed zones at these locations will reduce the likelihood and severity of crashes along this road and create a safer roadside environment.

The speed limit on Tathra-Bermagui Road at Nelson will be reduced from 80 km/h to 60 km/h from 150 metres south of Neilson Firetrail to 850 metres north of Neilson

The review found a 60 km/h speed limit would provide safer access to several driveways and ensure the speed limit is consistent with the surrounding road environment.

The speed limit on Wallaga Lake Road at Bermagui will drop from 100 km/h to 80 km/h for a 4.2-kilometre stretch.

The review found three crashes along Wallaga Lake Road in recent years. Reducing the speed limit to 80 km/h will improve safety for all road users and reduce the risk of

The default rural speed limit of 100 km/h will drop to 50 km/h for the entire length of Tilba Road at Wallaga Lake.

The reduced speed limit of 50 km/h was found to be appropriate for this road due to the the presence of pedestrians in the area.

“Speeding is the biggest contributor to road trauma in NSW so it’s important that motorists are aware of the changed speed limits and follow the road rules.”

Message boards will be onsite two weeks before and one week following the speed zone reductions, to notify motorists of the changed speed limits.