Ribbons cut at Accessible Stations across the Illawarra


Upgrades to Unanderra, Bellambi and Dapto Stations are now complete, providing rail commuters with greater accessibility.

All three stations were officially opened by Transport Minister Jo Haylen and Illawarra MPs today.

Three new lifts are part of the Unanderra station upgrade, finally making it accessible to people with a disability, limited mobility, parents or carers with prams and passengers with bikes or luggage.

In addition to the three new lifts, the upgrade includes a new footbridge and stairs with canopies, new kiss and ride zones, accessible parking spaces and bus zones on both sides of Berkeley Road.

The existing station building has been upgraded with new family accessible and ambulant toilets, and new seating has been added with improved accessible paths.

At Bellambi, the old station building was removed and replaced with a new building that includes new accessible bathrooms. Wider and safer platforms were made possible by constructing the new building further down the platform.

The upgrades include a new entry ramp, two accessible parking spaces, a kiss and drop zone, a new bike shelter and upgraded lighting.

Commuters at Dapto will notice upgraded kerbs and ramps, a formal kiss and ride zone, a wider Platform 1, re-levelled surfaces on Platform 2 and a new accessible path to both platforms.

The upgrades include more accessible bathrooms, new seating in the waiting room and a water bubbler on the platform.

In a NSW-first, Bellambi Station has had VeloSTRAIL installed at the level crossing, involving hard-wearing rubber panels that fill the gaps between tracks. The product will also be installed at Dapto Station early next year.

For more information about station upgrades, call 1800 684 490, email projects@transport.nsw.gov.au or visit www.transport.nsw.gov.au.

Quotes attributable to Transport Minister Jo Haylen:

“The Transport Access Program is transforming stations across our state, ensuring everyone has safe, accessible access to our train stations.

“The transformation of Unanderra and the small but important upgrades to Bellambi and Dapto will ensure that commuters with disabilities, parents and passengers with luggage or bikes are able to make the most of our public transport network.

“We're expanding the benefits of this important program by investing an additional $300 million, to build even more accessible stations across the state.”

Quotes attributable to Minister Ryan Park MP:

“These are brilliant new updates to stations across the Illawarra that my colleagues and I have campaigned hard for alongside our community.

“I’m so pleased to see these upgrades officially opened and to be able to see some of the finer details up close.

“The artwork concepts at Bellambi carry on from the work done at Towradgi, reflecting the stories and themes of significance to the local Dharawal people.

“Perforated metal screens along the access ramp depict the ray and Wobbegong shark which are native to Bellambi Point and an important part of the story of Bellambi Point, which was recognised by Heritage NSW as an official Aboriginal Place in 2012."

Quotes attributable to Minister Paul Scully MP:

“The community was ecstatic to see the lifts at Unanderra station officially opened earlier this year. To join the community in campaigning for this vital upgrade, and then to watch it spring to life, piece by piece, has been fantastic.

“I have had an enormous amount of positive feedback from the community about the lifts and improved access at Unanderra station since they opened to the public – it’s great to see how happy people are that this station is finally accessible to everyone.

“The upgraded Unanderra station features intricate design patterns on the lift shafts and footbridge that reflect the faulting and joint work of the sandstone cliffs and escarpment west of the station.

“The dark strips on the side of the lift shafts mimic local waterfall features, and footpaths at the lift entrances also feature sandblasted artworks resembling Aboriginal meeting places, family, and closeness.”

Quotes attributable to Member for Shellharbour, Anna Watson MP:

"It’s brilliant to see Dapto Station get the love and attention it needs.

"Making the platforms wider, adding shade and upgrading the footpaths is fantastic. Making it more accessible will ensure everyone can access our local train services.

"I’m excited to see VeloSTRAIL will be installed at the Bong Bong Road crossing in months to come. That will make the path easier to navigate for passengers, but also anyone else using the gap-free footpath to cross the rail line."