Road network upgrades to boost safety for Western Distributor


Upgrades to key congestion points in Pyrmont will be delivered on and around the Western Distributor and Anzac Bridge, improving safety and reliability for local motorists and commuters. 

The proposed works include a new access ramp from Fig St to the Western Distributor to reduce traffic queues and the risk of crashes; reconfiguring the existing Pyrmont Bridge Road off-ramp from one to two lanes; and making changes to intersections at key choke points in Pyrmont.  

Electronic variable speed signage will also be installed on the Anzac Bridge that will eventually integrate with Smart Motorways technology being introduced across Sydney's Road network. 

Transport for NSW Deputy Secretary Camilla Drover said the improvements were important to improve safety and congestion in the heart of the Sydney CBD. 

“This is a critical section of our road network that provides connections between the CBD and the western, eastern and northern suburbs of Sydney,” Ms Drover said. 

“Over 100,000 motorists rely on this major artery each day and this is projected to continue to grow.

“There are also around 100 crashes each year as motorists enter the Western Distributor at Darling Harbour and move across multiple lanes.

“That is why it’s important that we deliver these improvements now to accommodate this growth, improve safety and help motorists move more efficiently around a key section of our road network.”

The community is now being invited to provide feedback on the Review of Environmental Factors through 21 September

Transport for NSW will carefully consider all feedback before making a decision on the proposal. 

Construction, subject to approvals, is expected to begin in the first half of next year. 


The full program of proposed works is:      

  • Installation of three overhead gantries on the Anzac Bridge, which are in addition to the two gantries already planned 
  • All five gantries will integrate with the Smart Motorways program with electronic variable signage to allow for real-time adjustments to speed limits, support smoother traffic flow and reduce the impact of incidents on the network. Further work as part of the Smart Motorways program will continue on this part of the network in the future.  
  • New access ramp from Fig Street to the Western Distributor to reduce the need for current and dangerous traffic weave movements at the Darling Harbour merge point 
  • Modifications at the Allen and Harris Street intersection to provide a third eastbound lane on Allen Street, as well as removing the southern pedestrian crossing to improve intersection efficiency 
  • Permanent parking removal on Allen and Harris Streets 
  • Reconfiguring the Pyrmont Bridge Road off-ramp from one to two lanes 
  • Refurbishment of the two ANZAC memorial sculptures and surrounds at the western end of the Anzac Bridge 
  • When the new Sydney Fish Markets open, banning left and right turning movements from the Pyrmont Bridge Road off-ramp onto Bank Street.  Current operations remain until the fish markets open 
  • When the new Sydney Fish Markets open, creating a new emergency vehicle bay near the intersection of Pyrmont Bridge Road and Bank Street  
  • New or improved utilities in the area (electricity, stormwater/sewer, gas, telecommunications)