Rozelle Interchange Opened


Motorists are reminded to plan ahead and familiarise themselves with road changes when using the newly opened Rozelle Interchange.

The new underground motorway officially opened yesterday with many motorists using the tunnel on their morning commute today.

Transport for NSW Coordinator-General Howard Collins said the first weekday of any new major road opening is always a tough one until motorists become familiar with the new set up.

“I want to thank everyone who planned ahead before making their journey this morning and while we did see heavy congestion on Victoria Road on the approach to the Iron Cove Bridge, the rest of the network ran smoothly,” Mr Collins said.

“Motorists were confused as to what lane they needed to be in as they headed towards the city and this caused heavy traffic to banked up on Victoria Road this morning.”

“To address this, additional VMS signs and extra portable signs were turned on in the lead up to the tunnel, reminding motorists to use the two right hand lanes to access the toll free section of the tunnel between the Iron Cove Bridge and ANZAC Bridge.”

“New markings on Victoria Road, leading into the new tunnel, will be put in tonight to make it easier for drivers to know the best lane to be in for those heading to the city.

“We know it will take some time for motorists to become familiar with the network changes and we are exploring options to improve permanent signage around the entrance to the new tunnel to guide drivers to their desired route

“We want people to use the no-toll Iron Cove Link towards the CBD to bypass Victoria Road, between Iron Cove Bridge and the approach to the Anzac Bridge, allowing motorists to skip seven sets of traffic lights along Victoria Road.

“We do expect this afternoon to be a busy one also, but we have our Joint Operations Centre stood up, monitoring traffic and ready to respond to any issues or incidents in real-time.

“Our main concern so far is that we are seeing drivers changing lanes at late notice over the ANZAC Bridge heading towards City-West link and Victoria Road – please pay extra attention to road signs, don’t panic, and drive carefully.

“When travelling out of the city, please use the right lanes if you are going to the City-West link, M8 or turning onto Victoria Road. The two left hand lanes on the ANZAC Bridge will lead drivers onto the M4 as well as the free, new tunnel linking the ANZAC Bridge to the Iron Cove Bridge.”

Drivers using Rozelle Interchange are encouraged to watch the driver animations, if they haven’t already, to help them understand the new route options and the various entry and exit points.

For more information visit or the WestConnex Plan Your Journey webpage