Taylor-made transport for Eras Tour


Public Transport was the way to go, with more than 478,000 trips taken on a train or bus to and from Sydney Olympic Park for Taylor Swift I The Eras Tour and Blink 182 concerts.  
Over the past four days, 554 extra trains and 720 major event buses moved around 59,000 passengers each night. 
Central Station was awash in ‘Lavender Haze’ across the four days, while many passengers chose the ‘Tay Tay Express’ to Olympic Park and got to listen to hit songs by Taylor Swift on their journey.  
Just under 196,000 people chose trains to get them to and from the concert over the four nights, while more than 43,000 people hopped on a major event bus.  
Taking on learnings from major events like FIFA Women's World Cup and Harry Styles, the teams at Transport were putting plans in place months in advance to ensure we could safely move around 100,000 people each night to and from the area, whether it be on a train, a bus or on the road network.  
A train or bus every three minutes after the concert was able to clear crowds within about an hour and a half each night.  
Roads around Sydney Olympic Park were busy leading up to 6pm each night but cleared quickly after as people planned ahead and arrived early.  
A big thank you to passengers for remaining patient and to the hundreds of Transport staff were on the ground each night, helping passengers get to where they needed to go.  
Timelapse vision of trains operation at Sydney Olympic Park here 
Quotes attributed to Minister for Transport, Jo Haylen:  
“While Taylor Swift was centre stage, public transport also shone over the past four nights with more than 1,200 extra services taking passengers to and from Sydney Olympic Park.”  
“Whether you were dancing with Taylor, rocking out to Blink 182 or just basking in the atmosphere, our trains and our buses moved huge crowds in a short period of time.”  
“This was one of the biggest transport operations we have seen and with services every three minutes concert-goers had plenty of options to plan their trip and get home safely after a fantastic night out.”  
“Thank you to everyone for their patience and to the teams on the ground who worked hard to make everyone’s trip as seamless as possible.” 
Quotes attributed to Transport for NSW Coordinator-General, Howard Collins:  
“Thank you to everyone you planned ahead and hopped on public transport to get to and from Sydney Olympic Park over the past four days.” 
“We successfully used stand by services and teams to respond to crowd movements in real time and offered a frequent service each night.”  
“Months of planning went into this operation and I thank the teams that worked around the clock on the frontline, at the Rail Operations Centre and at the Transport Management Centre to ensure a positive experience for event-goers.”  https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/u3igkcp6pzdx2iscplncy/h?rlkey=oikjpx7myp3ej2cjswqp2jvm1&dl=0