Transport for NSW triumphs at Committee for Sydney inaugural Smart City Awards


Transport for NSW, Deputy Secretary Customer Service Tony Braxton-Smith today congratulated Transport for NSW’s Public Transport Information and Priority System (PTIPS) team on winning the Committee for Sydney – Smart City Award for the best NSW Government Initiative and the Overall Best Smart City Project.

“This is another example of Transport for NSW leading the way in providing real-time data. In NSW we know transport is no longer just about infrastructure but also about embracing technology to provide the best services possible for our customers,” Mr Braxton-Smith said.

PTIPS is a real time data platform that feeds all the transport apps used by public transport customers including TripView, TripGo and Next There, providing bus, train, light rail and ferry locations.

“Transport for NSW was the first and currently only agency globally to provide real-time passenger numbers for the public travelling on buses, including how many people are on board and when it is predicted to arrive,” Mr Braxton-Smith said.

As it stands Transport for NSW supplies real-time data to apps with more than five million unique customer downloads in total.

“This type of innovation is now part and parcel of travelling in Sydney, it would be hard to imagine your daily bus or train ride to work without real time transport apps,” Mr Braxton-Smith said.

The tracking/ prediction engine uses cutting edge technology to better deliver what customers want through the same cloud technologies as used by Twitter, LinkedIn and Yahoo.

“This state of the art system holds a key for interconnectivity of transport services through real time tracking and could provide the silver bullet for connection management when delays are experienced,” Mr Braxton-Smith explained.

The Committee for Sydney Smart City awards provide a platform to celebrate projects and partnerships that address the fundamental challenges faced by cities, governments, communities, industry and the ICT sector in Sydney.

“Congratulations to the PTIPS team on taking out both awards and thank you again for pushing our operating technology forward, the same technology that is driving our great state,” Mr Braxton-Smith said.

NSW Transport and Infrastructure Minister Andrew Constance attended the awards night as a
guest speaker.

More information about Transport for NSW’s Public Transport Information and Priority System (PTIPS)

PTIPS provides many benefits including:

  • Real time reporting
  • Self Learning – stops and routes
  • Road health - knows the travel patterns of vehicle and people
  • Opal (ticketing device) data health - verifies predicted travel times
  • Fleet status – journey start and on time running
  • Safety - the travelling public, a driver’s position can quickly be reported
  • Congestion detection
  • Data Standards – one of the first to use global transport standards for TfNSW data.

In an Australian first, Transport for NSW also provides real time public transport updates and service alerts to Google to be published on Google Maps.

The system gives priority green traffic lights to late running buses using the Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS).