Update on closure of Rozelle Parklands


Three small sites related to the Rozelle Interchange Project are being closed off to the public today after further samples of recycled mulch returned a positive result for bonded asbestos.  

Results from independent experts returned late on Friday, have identified a further six samples at these locations containing bonded asbestos - which is considered to be low risk compared to friable asbestos. 

These three sites are landscaped garden beds adjacent to the road and active transport paths around the junction of the Anzac Bridge, Victoria Road and City West Link. 

These sites were part of the same landscaping work done in the same time period as other sites that have returned positive results. This was done near the end of 2023 prior to the final site audit and the opening of the park.  
In total, more than 85 samples from Rozelle Parklands and surrounding sites related to the Rozelle Interchange Project have now been analysed with a total of 13 positive results showing traces of bonded asbestos. 
Targeted sample testing of the entire Rozelle Parklands site by independent contamination and remediation experts engaged by Transport for NSW is now complete. 

Analysis of targeted samples taken from a number of other landscaped sites outside the main Rozelle Parklands will be completed in coming days.  

We thank the community for their patience and understanding while we work through the next steps and will update them as more information becomes available.  

Further information for the community is available at the Rozelle Parklands project website or by calling 1800 660 248.