Work back on track for new Wallendbeen Bridge


Crews have returned to site this week to restart work on the new permanent road-over-rail bridge at Wallendbeen.

A Transport for NSW spokesperson said work was back on track following complex access and contractual negotiations over the last 12 months.

“Planning, preparation and enabling work has been progressing off-site during that time,” the spokesperson said.

“Work to set up temporary site accesses was completed, and concrete girders were poured off-site and delivered.

“A host of safety work was also carried out, including regular inspections on the temporary bridge to ensure it remains safe and serviceable for the community and motorists.

“These regular inspections have included studies of the area, traffic light phasing, signs, safety, compliance and driver behaviour.

“One inspection showed excessive delays in the traffic light phasing, creating frustrations for drivers. This issue was rectified before traffic volumes increased over the holiday period.

“Work has also been carried out to improve safety through driver compliance and lowered speed zones, installation of classifiers to better understand vehicle types using the bridge, and investigations into pedestrian paths to improve connectivity at Wallendbeen.”

The spokesperson said next steps would include mobilising the site, followed by building the bridge foundations, retaining walls and structural elements, upgrading drains and realigning the road.

“We remain focused on delivering a new permanent bridge and restoring a two-lane crossing on Burley Griffin Way, to provide a stronger and wider bridge to meet the needs of the local community and freight network for years to come.”

Work to remobilise the site will be carried out from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday, and 7am to 1pm, Saturday, if required, from Monday 26 February.

Further work is expected from Monday 4 March in preparation for the planned Australian Rail Track Corporation rail possession from Saturday 9 to Monday 11 March. During this period, no trains will be running, enabling work to be carried out 24 hours a day within the rail corridor.

“We are taking advantage of the upcoming scheduled rail possession to carry out key foundation work on the replacement bridge, this will allow us to progress work as quickly as possible,” the spokesperson said.

Transport for NSW thanks the community for its patience and understanding while we complete this important project.

Due to delays in accessing the rail corridor, the project is expected to be completed mid-2025.