Zero emission bus transition enters new gear


The NSW Government will invest $218.9 million over the next seven years in the 2022-23 NSW Budget to support the bus fleet move to zero emissions technology and has today confirmed the rollout plan which will prioritise sustainability and local manufacturing.

Treasurer Matt Kean said the NSW Government will further set aside almost $2 billion to begin the transition of more than 8,000 buses across NSW and invest in local jobs, subject to consideration of a final business case, ensuring NSW has a fully transitioned fleet by 2047.

“The NSW Government is committed to delivering the benefits of zero emission buses State-wide and ensuring NSW is a global leader in this space,” Mr Kean said.

“This investment includes funding of $84 million to enable transition planning, including electrical grid upgrades at 11 Transport for NSW bus depots.”

“Transitioning the entire fleet of buses will reduce Transport for NSW’s emissions by 78 per cent, reduce noise on our streets, improve air quality and ensure our commuters enjoy a smoother ride,” Mr Kean said.

Minister for Transport and Veterans, David Elliott, said the NSW Government had taken advice from industry, operators and experts to ensure the staged transition was smooth, sustainable and supported the local manufacturing industry.

“The NSW Government is committed to ensuring that the transition to zero emission buses will deliver benefits to the community and the environment while stimulating the economy. That is why the zero emissions bus rollout plan has been developed in close consultation with industry,” Mr Elliott said.

“To ensure the transition is sustainable and our buses are made locally at a competitive price, the NSW Government will stagger the transition of the entire fleet of buses to zero emissions technology by 2035 in Greater Sydney, Outer Metro regions by 2040 and regional NSW by 2047.

“This timeline will allow some of our great manufacturers to further gear up for this bus revolution and ensure we are supporting local jobs for years to come,” Mr Elliott said.

Minister for Regional Transport and Roads, Sam Farraway, said the funding also includes $25 million over three years for regional trials in new and emerging technologies, including hydrogen fuel cell electric buses.

“We are taking the time to get this transition right for everyone in NSW, we know all too well that what works in the city does not always translate to the regions and this staged approach will give more certainty to our local operators and communities,” Mr Farraway said.

“Investing in trials will allow us to find the technology that perfectly suits our regions and means we can continue to benefit from technology advancements that will better suit the longer distances and range necessary for regional travel.

“The transition to zero emissions technology will support jobs and businesses, including those currently working on diesel, right across rural and regional NSW,” Mr Farraway said.

The NSW Government is on track to have more than 200 zero emission buses in service by mid-2023 and has not ordered a single-storey diesel bus for Greater Sydney since 2019.

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