Customer Satisfaction Index

We continue to listen to our passengers.

The experience and opinions of people using the NSW transport network are important to us. By conducting the ‘Customer Satisfaction Index’ bi-annually, we can continually understand how people using our public transport and road network rate their journeys and it can help us prioritise our efforts to ensure transport services meet the expectations and needs of NSW people.     

Transport for NSW would like to thank the more than 33,000 people who provided their feedback either online or face-to-face for the most recent research, conducted in May 2023.

Public Transport

Overall customer satisfaction across each public transport mode increased or remained stable, to regain overall satisfaction of 90% or above for each mode. 

Previously in November 2022, Customer Satisfaction research showed decline of satisfaction among Sydney Trains passengers in ‘cleanliness’ and ‘timeliness’ of their service. 

Focus has been prioritised in areas of low and declining satisfaction.

The latest May 2023 results indicated that Sydney Trains passengers reported an increase in satisfaction since November 2022, with overall satisfaction increasing by 5% and satisfaction for timeliness increasing by 6% and cleanliness also increasing by 5%.

We will continue to monitor areas in declining satisfaction and make these a priority to focus on.

Passengers on our bus services have reported a decline in their satisfaction with Timeliness and Comfort since November 2022. In particular, satisfaction with ‘buses turning up on time’ has declined 3%, satisfaction with ‘seat availability’ declined by 4% and satisfaction with ‘personal space on board’ declined by 3%. 

These areas of declining satisfaction for bus passengers will largely be addressed by the NSW  Bus Taskforce established in 2023 including addressing the bus driver shortage.

Overall satisfaction among Light Rail passengers increased +2% to 93%. Satisfaction among Ferry and Sydney Metro passengers continues to remain exceptionally high at 98% and 99%.


In November 2022, we could see that many road users were experiencing a decline in satisfaction following a period of adverse weather in 2022 with 58% of private vehicle users reporting satisfaction with road quality. In May 2023, this increased by 3% to 61%. This is some improvement, however we will continue to focus on improving the quality of NSW roads.


Satisfaction among users of point-to-point services (taxis, ride share and hire car) remains stable overall. Users of these remain most satisfied with their accessibility and convenience. They also remain least satisfied with information regarding these services.

What’s Next

We will keep engaging with our passengers about what matters to them and continue to strive for a positive, seamless public transport experience for the people of NSW. Focus will continue to be prioritised in areas of low and declining satisfaction.

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