Customer Satisfaction Index

Listening to our customers

Our customers continue to provide feedback about their experience across the public transport network and roads of NSW. Customer Satisfaction research for public transport has been conducted bi-annually since 2012. Research of road users and point-to-point customers is now bi-annual from 2022 and was initiated in 2015 and 2017 respectively.

Transport for NSW thanks the more than 19,000 customers who provided their feedback either online or face-to-face for the most recent research, conducted in November 2022.

Public Transport

The latest survey saw a decline in satisfaction among rail and bus passengers compared with previous research results in May 2022. Most notably, on the rail network there was a lower satisfaction rate with on-board cleanliness (80%) and service frequency (75%) and on the bus network lower satisfaction with service frequency (78%) and information about delays (72%).

During the pandemic since 2020, customer satisfaction scores across most public transport modes reached record highs. As patronage increased in 2022, satisfaction results for some public transport modes returned to pre-COVID levels.

In recent times, we also understand our customers may have been affected in different ways with service disruptions and adverse weather conditions, among other factors. In other public transport services, more than 90% of Light Rail, Ferry and Metro passengers remain satisfied with their trip overall.


2022 marked a difficult period of extreme weather conditions, which saw a decline in satisfaction among road users across NSW, with 58% of private vehicle users reporting satisfaction with road quality.

 We continue to prioritise our efforts in this area and appreciate your understanding during these unprecedented times.

Journey time reliability and signage and markings continue to be the top drivers of satisfaction for private vehicle users and motorcycles within NSW.

Satisfaction among road users in the Greater Sydney area is higher than pre-COVID times for private vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. 


Satisfaction among point-to-point customers (taxis, ride share and hire car) remains high for accessibility and convenience, although customers of all these services have become less satisfied with information availability.

What’s Next

We will keep engaging with our passengers about what matters to them and continue to strive for a positive, seamless public transport experience for the people of NSW. Focus will be prioritised in areas of low and declining satisfaction.

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