Nominations now open for this year’s Maritime Medal

The medal is awarded for outstanding and sustained contributions to the boating and maritime community in NSW.

The Centre for Maritime Safety has opened nominations for the biennial Maritime Medal, a prestigious award recognising the outstanding and sustained contributions of individuals and organisations to the boating and maritime community of New South Wales.

“While the bulk of us practise safe boating all the time, there are many people in the community that often go above and beyond,” Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Roads, Maritime and Transport Kevin Anderson said.

First awarded in 2006, 2015 saw Captain Time Swales, Commodore of the Sydney Heritage Fleet and Chairman of the Fleet Committee, and David Lyall, President and Commodore of Avalon Sailing Club, honoured for outstanding and long-term contributions to the maritime community. 

Peter Hunter, a volunteer for over 15 years in the personal watercraft community, was also awarded in 2015 for his efforts in safety. Mr. Hunter is known as a leader and mentor, and is known for taking new riders under his wing, teaching them about how to safely navigate our waterways. 

“We want to find these people and recognise that commitment and contribution – whether it’s a safety measure, an innovative solution to aid boating safety or outstanding contribution to the community, now is the time to put those nominations in,” Mr. Anderson said. 

Nominations close 30 June 2017, with finalists be invited to attend a special breakfast ceremony at this year’s Sydney International Boat Show on Friday 4 August 2017 when the medallists will be announced.