Community road safety fund legislation passed into law


Legislation has passed the state’s Upper House creating the Community Road Safety Fund allowing all money raised from speed camera offences to be spent on road safety.

NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay said for the first time all speed camera and red light camera revenue will be hypothecated to the Community Road Safety Fund and used to fund road safety programs.

The Community Road Safety Fund was announced on 1 June this year as part of the government’s Speed Camera Strategy. Transport for NSW now will work with Treasury to ensure the fund is fully operational by the start of July next year.

“While much has been done to reduce the road toll since the 1970s, ongoing commitment and funding is vital to reducing the cost of road trauma to the community,” Mr Gay said.

“The effect of this fund is simple – drivers who ignore the law and put other road users at risk will be paying for road safety improvements in NSW,” he said.

“We have listened to the community who have asked for the use of speed cameras to be transparent.

“This fund and the recent annual review of speed cameras are important steps in achieving that transparency.

“I should also acknowledge the support of NRMA Motoring and Services and its members, who tabled a petition of 13,500 signatures in Parliament last November requesting that a fund of this nature be established,” Mr Gay said. 

Contents of the fund will cover delivery of state-funded road safety programs in NSW, including enhanced enforcement conducted by NSW Police, road safety engineering works, public education campaigns and road safety education programs.

The Government is finalising its Road Safety Strategy, which will highlight road safety priorities for the next 10 years and help direct how road safety funds are spent into the future.

This strategy has been developed in consultation with community groups and stakeholders to ensure it reflects best practice road safety and community priorities and it is currently open for public comment.