More common sense reforms for boaties starts today

Minister for Roads and Freight Duncan Gay today announced another common sense reform delivered by the NSW Liberals and Nationals…

Minister for Roads and Freight Duncan Gay today announced another common sense reform delivered by the NSW Liberals and Nationals Government with the introduction of the state's first combined car and boat licence.

Mr Gay said close to half a million boating enthusiasts were set to benefit from the reform.

"Most people who own a boat licence also have a drivers licence and under the previous system each licence had to be renewed separately," Mr Gay said.

"From today, a drivers licence holder who also has a boat or personal watercraft licence can have the two combined on one card with one expiry date, reducing the amount of paperwork they need to complete.

"This will apply to drivers licences issued for car, truck, or motor cycle where the motorist has a boat licence and will be available when a customer’s driver licence is up for renewal.

“Everything else about the combined licence will remain the same, the ID photograph, conditions, the cost of both licences and circumstances under which the licence must be carried or produced.”

Mr Gay said he is also working to fix boaties licence frustrations by improving the NSW boat licence system to make is simpler, cheaper and more accessible.

“A full review of the NSW boating system is long overdue and I want to work with boaties to fix it and cut out the red tape where it’s not needed,” Mr Gay said.

“To improve the licensing system, I want to extend the current paper test to an online version so it’s accessible to a wider audience and encourages even more people to get involved in this great activity.

“I’m also interested in hearing from boaties on what they think of introducing a 10-year boat licence, this would add to the current one, three and five year licence options.

“On top of this I want to cut down fees for personal watercraft licences and streamline the training and testing systems to make them simpler.

“Also, our boating kids (age 12-16) currently renew their licence each year – this isn’t necessary and I’d rather these kids spent more time on the water building their skills, rather than worrying about a licence renewal.

“Boating shouldn’t be about renewing paperwork – it should be about enjoying a safe and enjoyable time on the water.

“I encourage all boaties to provide their feedback on the proposed licensing reforms, which are outlined in a discussion paper."

Boaties are encouraged to provide feedback to by 19 December.