Boat Trailer Working Group Report

The Minister for Roads and Ports therefore requested that OBSMA establish a Boat Trailer Working Group (BTWG) to further investigate possibilities for better management of boat trailer parking, including consideration of the effectiveness of existing legislative powers available to Councils to manage the issue.

The BTWG was established on 30 October 2012, chaired by OBSMA and including representatives from the City of Canada Bay, Woollahra Municipal Council, the Division of Local Government within the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

The BTWG undertook a number of actions to inform its report, including:

  • Conducting a survey with local councils to collect trailer registration details and confirm the extent to which unattended trailers are being left by people residing outside the local area, as opposed to local residents.
  • Achieving a common understanding of the existing regulatory powers available to Councils and the effectiveness of those powers in reducing the incidence of unattended trailers.
  • Identification of potential legislative reform options, including key issues and risks.
  • Consideration of practical solutions that may reduce the incidence of boat trailers being parked on residential streets, including education campaigns and other storage solutions.

The results of these undertakings are discussed in the following document.

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