Boating Safety Communications and Education Strategy 2012-15

The principal focus of the Strategy is skipper responsibility, with secondary themes related to lifejacket use, safe navigation, trip planning, and alcohol restrictions. Maritime stakeholder feedback supports this focus and themes, and is particularly supportive of an emphasis on education before regulation.

The Strategy identifies campaigns under each theme, targeted at varying boating demographics and using a range of communication and education tools. Reflecting the rapid evolution in communications technology and the mobility of the boating public, the Internet has been targeted as a channel for significant expansion.

The Strategy and supporting Action Plans are subject to regular review for both cost effectiveness and success in delivering safety messages. The Strategy seeks to capitalise on the new organisational arrangements being realised through the formation of Transport for NSW and the integration of the former RTA and Maritime Authority of NSW into RMS. The Maritime safety brand will be used across all products outlined in this Strategy.

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