The Aboriginal Funeral Transport Program

The Aboriginal Funeral Transport “Sorry Business” initiative provides assistance with transport for Aboriginal communities throughout New South Wales, including metropolitan Sydney, to attend funerals within NSW.

This initiative is not intended to be the primary source of funds for the transport provided but rather a source of funds to enable transport to be undertaken where, despite all efforts, there are insufficient resources to undertake the travel and the travel is not local.

Can I apply?

  • Are you Aboriginal?

  • Do you live in NSW?

  • Is the travel more than 100 km?

  • I haven’t travelled yet

If you answer Yes to the four questions above please call Managed Training Services on 1300 361 787 to start your application.

What can I get help with?

How to apply

Contact Chandler Macleod Managed Training Services (MTS) between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday on 1300 361 787 or email: to start the application process.  Please note the program closes down during the Christmas period each year.

Chandler Macleod Managed Training Services (MTS) is working in partnership with Transport for NSW to provide the Aboriginal communities with a service to allow them to enquire and apply for funding to attend funerals.  Chandler Macleod MTS provides this service free of charge as a commitment to reconciliation through their own Reconciliation Action Plan.

Aboriginal Funeral Transport (AFT) applicants can be assured that their interaction with MTS will be positive, easy and efficient and will be dealt with great respect.

Please note:

  • If you wish to submit an application, you will be asked to provide evidence of the funeral you will be attending so please assist MTS in providing this information so the application can be completed in a timely manner. 

  • Approval must be obtained before the travel commences

  • Applications may take up to three days to complete, so please contact MTS as soon as possible

  • The distanced travelled must be greater than 100 km from your residential address

  • If your application is approved, this assistance will only be provided to you twice (2) per calendar year.

  • No funding is paid directly to applicants. For fuel subsidy applications you will need to identify a local community organisation who is willing to provide the approved funding. The community organisation is then reimbursed the funding amount.

  • The program does not cover the cost of accommodation and meals

  • The program does not cover the cost of transporting deceased family members.  Please speak to your local Area Health Service.

  • The program does not provide contributions towards funerals.

Further information and feedback

For more information, please contact Donna Coady, Aboriginal Service Development Officer.